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With dark nights drawing in and the weather being typically British, it can all become a bit dull and boring. If you’re struggling for inspiration on what to paint and draw, here are some ideas to get you started:

Pinterest – this is one of the best sites around to easily see what art is out there. Simply search ‘Art’ or use more specific keywords to find a subject you’re interested in, e.g. ‘Art’, ‘Dogs’:

Search for Art and Dogs on Pinterest

Google – the old fashioned google image search. Simply go to Google, type in your keywords (e.g. Raindrops) and enter your search. Click on the images tab for inspiration and ideas.

Paint my Photo – if you’re worried about copyright issues, then this is a great site as the photographers have given permission for artists to copy when painting and drawing. There’s a great community too with regular themes / challenges. It can be a bit of a confusing site to navigate when you first get started, but if you click on the link at the top for the ‘Main Photo Gallery’ you can then search for anything that takes your fancy, e.g. fireworks:

Search for photos of fireworks on Paint My Photo


This is all well and good if you know what to search for in the first place right? Well here are some keywords to get you started:

Lightbulb, Tiger, Desert, Crack, Flower, Paint

Book, Sea, Steam, Metal, Ice, Mist, Time


Finally, something that I do to inspire me is take a wander around the house and out into the garden and really notice the everyday objects. I did just this last weekend and as we’re in Autumn I settled on leaves:



How do you find inspiration? Tell us below…




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